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FAIZ AHMED FAIZ     1911-1984

Poet, writer, journalist and politician who helped to forge a revolutionary consciousness in the South Asian sub-continent

This website is dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest poets of twentieth century.  Faiz’s poems and writings, even today, represent an unflinching resistance to oppression and imperialism. Like Nazim Hikmat, Kazi Nazrurul Islam, Pablo Neruda and Mahmoud Darwish, Faiz’s poetry transcends geographical boundaries; and is timeless.

Faiz was a renowned Urdu poet from Pakistan. Faiz was born in British India in a small Punjabi village of Kala Kadar near Sialkot. Faiz was educated initially in a mosque school and then in Scott and Murray Mission school in Sialkot and he subsequently went to Lahore to undertake graduation in English literature and a master in Arabic language. His masterly of four languages (Arabic, English, Persian and Urdu) enabled him to beautifully craft his poetry in coming years.

In the 1930s, Faiz became active in the Progressive Writers’ Association, a powerful cultural movement to shape the struggle against British imperialism in India. He also joined the Communist Party of India. After the partition of India in 1947, he remained committed to the movement and was influential in developing of the newly-formed Communist Party of Pakistan. Faiz, with many other party members, was arrested and imprisoned by the Pakistani regime.

Apart from a being great poet, Faiz edited several journals and newspapers, reflected on cultural issues, penned film scripts and documentaries. He represented an unwavering revolutionary believe in the capacity and determination of oppressed people to fight and defeat tyranny.

By paying our tribute to Faiz, we are re-affirming our continued commitment to fight against injustice and oppression.   

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