Unity for Peace and Social Justice to make the world a better place for all

Come, we too should raise our hands (in supplication)

For world peace, and for the prosperity of its people 

Let's work together to promote peace and harmony amongst people of all races and nationalities, transcending religious, ethnic and linguistic differences.


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We would like to express our gratitude and wish to acknowledge the advice and contributions of the following colleagues in their continued support for the development of this website:


HUSSAIN, Ashfaq - Canada

Ashfaq Hussain is a leading modern Urdu poet and an author of more than 10 books of poetry and literary criticism. He is considered by many as the foremost expert on the life and works of great Urdu poets Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmad Faraz and also on Progressive Writers Movement. We are privileged to include one of his articles on Faiz Ahmed Faiz.


MALIK, Nasar – Denmark

Dear Comrade,
 More than any other individual, Pakistani Poet, FAIZ AHMED FAIZ is hailed as one of the greatest URDU Poet of the Century. He earned tremendous popularity during his lifetime & which continues to please reader all over the world.

13th February, 1911 is FAIZ AHMED FAIZ’s birthday and, the year 2011 has been declared, the year of this great Urdu poet and to mark his 100 year's birthday, world-wide celebrations are being held. At this occasion http://www.urduhamasr.dk is proud to have the privilege in presenting some selected Urdu poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, which has never been translated before into Danish language. Now even the young generations of Urdu-related 1st generation of Pakistani-Indian immigrants in Scandinavian countries can enjoy reading his poetry.



NAQUVI, Syed Mohsin -

Syed Mohsin Naquvi is a well reputed writer. He has contributed a chapter from his forthcoming book: Karbala – Aazadari and Urdu Shair-o-Adab. The chapter is specific to the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.  He also contributed a yet unpublished commentary on of the Faiz’s famous poem: Ham dhenkey gain. He also drew our attention to the translation of Faiz’s poem on Imam Hussein.   The first one is a chapter from my forthcoming book titled:


SARWAR, Bina – Pakistan

Bina Sarwar provided us the information on the photographs of Faiz Ahmed Faiz with Dr. M. Sarwar taken at the mushiara organise by the Pakistan Medical Association in Karachi in 1983. She also pointed us to a short documentary: Jab Tujhe Yaad Kar Liy, a tribute to Faiz Ahmad Faiz on his death anniversary in 2008.  The documentary is  directed by Sharjil Baloch for the BBC, featuring interviews with Dr M. Sarwar, Dr Haroon Ahmed, and Saleem Asmi, memories and music by S.M. Shahid, and recitals by Khalid Ahmed. Bina Sarwar is the daughter of Dr M. Sarwar, who was one the senior radical politicians in Pakistan and a founding member of the Democratic Student Federation (DSF) which was proscribed by the authorities in early 1950s.




SOHAIL, Khalid –

Dr. K. Sohail, an author, a humanist and a psychotherapist has been sharing his humanist philosophy in his writings and his lectures for the last three decades. He has been working towards integrating the wisdom of the East and the West. He hopes that one day we can all grow to the next stage of human evolution and create a peaceful world together.

He has delivered his professional and literary creations to a vast number of audiences at local, provincial, national and international workshops, seminars and conferences for a number of years. Khalid Sohail has contributed two of his article on Faiz to be published on the website.



SPROULE, Bob – United Kingdom

Bob Sproule, the secretary of the Bradford Branch of the communist Party of Britain invited members of the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Centenary Organising Committee to discuss the arrangements for the events in Britain. He contributed the following statement:

Dear Comrade,
At a recent meeting of the Bradford Branch of The Communist Party of Britain, the branch welcomed the worldwide celebrations of the centenary celebrations of the Pakistani poet and progressive politician, Fiaz. They are particularly pleased that Bradford will host one of these celebrations and the poet's vision of a peaceful, tolerant world community based on justice and fairness is what is wanted in Bradford and indeed in Britain today. The branch therefore urges all progressive, peace loving peoples in our region to attend and otherwise support this important event.


SUCHA, Sian – Sweden

Sucha Sian is the pen name of Mushtaq Ahmad, who is a progressive intellectual and writer. He has been writing since 1955. He is settled in Sweden and has been writing in English, Punjabi, Swedish and Urdu. He has extensively translated many poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz along with the poems of Ahmad Faraz and Sahir Ludhihanvi. We are indebted to him for granting us the permission to publish his translated poems. Sian Sucha has written several books which are available from the following website.



ZAHEER, Aymen, Saudi Arabia

Aymen Zaheer has contributed an article: In Remembrance of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and poem dedicated to Faiz to be published on the website.




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